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Life isn't easy on Piggy Island for the Angry Birds. Red and his fearless feathered companions, Chuck, Matilda,Bomb, the Blues, and Terence, must band together to protect their eggs - and their future - from the wily plotting of the Bad Piggies!


Rovio had announced a TV series based on the Angry Birdsvideo games for Q4 2012. They planed to produce 52 short (sub-3 minute) episodes. The series was produced by Finnish animation studio Kombo, which Rovio bought in June 2011. The series will have 52 episodes, 4 seasons, and the theme song will be Angry Birds. head of animation at Rovio. It aired on the Angry Birds apps on March 16th and 17th of 2013. They are also starting to release the series on DVD and Blu-ray, starting with Season One Volume One in December 2013.


List of Angry Birds Toons Episodes


List of Angry Birds Toons Characters

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