Where's My Crown?
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date March 24, 2013
Written by Niklas Lindgren

Ian Carney

Directed by Kim Helminen
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Where's My Crown? is the 2nd episode of Angry birds Toons


When King Pig loses his crown, he finds out what it's like to be at the bottom of the pile for a change.


The episode begins in the Pig Fortress, where King Pig eats everything on his plate (including the plate itself), while his maidservant sweeps the leftovers. When King Pig realizes that there's nothing left for him to eat, he smells some food sold by a nearby pig. He then rushes down the stairs, unaware that his crown fell off his head. The maidservant then sweeps the crown without realizing it. The selling pig, thinking that King Pig is an ordinary pig, doesn't allow King Pig to eat the foods. King Pig wants to show his crown as a symbol of the King, but the selling pig leaves him alone. King Pig then sees his reflection in a mud puddle and realizes he's not wearing the crown. So King Pig tries to back to his castle, but his guards don't allow him inside. King Pig walks inside, but suddenly, the guards poke him with their forks, making him fall down backwards while splashing Corporal[1]Pig with muddy water, making Corporal Pig angry, King Pig starts to laugh, but this only makes Corporal Pig even more angry, and with the guards throw King Pig into a garbage pit. The pigs then mock their king by laughing at him, much to his dismay. Suddenly, the maidservant throws garbage (including the crown) onto King Pig, while Corporal Pig and the guards continue laughing. King Pig stands up, wearing his crown. All of the other pigs get surprised, and are later punished by King Pig by being used as wheels of the wagon used by the selling pig. King Pig eats all of the foods inside the wagon and takes a ride around the castle.